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The Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution The two events that are primarily associated with the Russian Revolution are the February Revolution and the October […]

Brave New World – chapter-wise breakup of information

Chapter 1: • Description – conditioning center • Bokanovsky’s Process • Podsnap’s Technique • Decanting Process • Introduction – Lenina […]

Mystery novels for adolescents

5 Mystery Novels For Adolescents 1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Author: Agatha Christie The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is a […]

10 Reference books for students studying History

Top 10 Reference Books For Students – History – Columbus Writer: Demi The history book is about Christopher Columbus born in […]

Educational toys for students

5 Educational Toys For Students One of the best ways to teach students is providing them with educational toys. There […]

Indian Relief – The coastal plains and the Islands

4. The Coastal plains: The peninsular plateau is also flanked by coastal strips or belts in the east and the west […]

Indian Relief – The Peninsular plateau

3. The Peninsular Plateau: This is the oldest landmass in India. It forms an irregular triangle which is surrounded by hills […]

Indian Relief – The Indus-Ganga-Brahmaputra Plain

2. The Indus – Ganga – Brahmaputra plain: The fertile northern plain of India has been formed by the depositional work […]

Indian Relief – The Himalyan mountain complex

Indian Relief India is a vast country which has a great diversity of relief features. Its physiographic diversity includes lofty […]

The Mesopotamian civilisation

Around the world, there may been many early civilizations which include the Mesoamerican, Mesopotamia, Indus River Valley and China. Mesopotamia […]

The Indus valley Civilisation

One of the greatest urban civilizations of the world was the Indus Valley Civilization. This civilization flourished well in the […]

How History and Geography are linked

History and Geography are both fields of study that provide explanations on how human beings have lived on the earth […]

The Boston Tea party

The Boston Tea Party (American Revolution) Money was given to the British East India Company by the Parliament in May […]

The storming of Bastille

The Storming Of The Bastille (French Revolution) The revolt or the storming of the Bastille was the result of a […]

10 magazines for students

10 Magazines That Students Should Subscribe 1. Discovery Girls Discovery Girls is a magazine available in 6 issues per year. […]

Tourism and its impacts

HISTORY OF TOURISM Tourism was quite less before world war one. Only the elite class travelled to different places for […]

Ten Best Story Books for Children – 5 to 12

Top10 Books For Children Aged 5-12 One of the most integral parts in the development of the child is being […]

Ten Best Books for Adolescents – 13 to 18

Top10 Books For Adolescents (13-18) 1. The Boy Who Dared Writer: Susan Campbell Bartoletti This is a fictionalized biography of […]

Ten Books for The Little Ones

Top 10 Books For Toddlers (2-6) 1. We’ve All Got Bellybuttons! Writer: By David Martin The book contains actions of […]

Ten Best Books for Young Adults

Top10 Books For Young Adults (19-25)   1. The Giver (The Giver, #1) Writer: Lois Lowry In the world which […]