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Hi. My name is Gaynor and I have been an academic facilitator since 1992. I have successfully developed and imparted the ICSE, IGCSE and IBDP English and History syllabi. My endeavour is to make support material available to students, who find the prescribed content, analysis and collation of information particularly challenging.


A Horse and Two Goats – RK Narayan

About the author RK Narayan brought Indian writing in English to western nations. He was helped in the venture by Graham Greene. Narayan’s stories mostly have the fictional town of Malgudi as their geographical reference point. Malgudi could be anywhere in India. It is a microcosm of the huge country. Even today there are readers […]

The Process of Erosion

Erosion In the process of erosion, a natural removal of rocks and soil takes place from the surface of the Earth. Soil and rocks get moved by the flow of water and wind and they are transported and deposited at different other locations. What Is Erosion Soil erosion process is basically a natural one. However […]

Water – A Powerful Agent Of Weathering

Weathering is caused in rocks by water when within the small cracks pressure is exerted by humic acid. When plant materials break down, the rocks crack and weathering takes place. Rocks can also break down due to presence of acidic water in the ground. Thawing and freezing is another cause of weathering of rocks in […]

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Introduction Beowulf is considered one of the most important work in English literature both for its antiquity and its magnificence. It consists of 3182 lines in alliteration. The language is Old English and the book might be the only work existing in such an ancient form of the language. The theme of the poem is […]

Analysis of A Raisin in the Sun

Introduction A Raisin in the Sun is a play that had its debut show in Broadway in 1959. This play is written by Lorraine Hansberry. The story is about a black family who was coming into some money. It talks about the family’s fight for identity and the problems the blacks of that time faced. […]

Analysis of A View from the Bridge

‘A View from the Bridge’ is a two act play written by Arthur Asher Miller who was an American playwright. In its first staging on September 29th, 1955, the play had only one act and it was not successful. Miller then revised the play and made it into two acts. This play was then staged […]

Line-by-line Analysis of ‘Pied Beauty’ by Gerard Manly Hopkins

Pied Beauty by Gerard Manly Hopkins 1) The poem is a celebration of colours in nature. Hopkins opens the poem like a prayer by praising and glorifying God for things of different colours in the environment. The title suggests a celebration of colour and Hopkins has achieved this through the use of unusual synonyms for […]

Line-by-line Analysis of ‘Hunting Snake’ by Judith Wright

Hunting Snake by Judith Wright 1) The environmentalist Judith Wright shares her experience of coming face to face with a snake when she was with a friend. She remembers the warm autumn day, which she personifies as having a lot of grace. 2) The poet, being a lover of nature, fondly remembers the bright and […]

Line-by-line Analysis of ‘Horses’ by Edwin Muir

Horses by Edwin Muir 1) In this memory poem, the poet remembers his days as a little boy in his country home, observing the horses on the ranch. He remembers their steady movement that would displace the soil beneath their hooves. 2) He remembers the animals on the bare field and wonders why the memory […]

Line-by-line Analysis of ‘Continuum’ by Allen Curnow

Continuum by Allen Curnow Lines 1-2) The poet creates an image of night-time and describes the rising of the moon as the night progresses. He metaphorically hints at his frame of mind. The moon in the poem symbolizes the human mind, while the house is symbolic of the body. In the first line itself the […]

Look Back in Anger

Look Back in Anger is a realist play written by James John Osborne in 1956. The focus is on marital life and its struggles. It was a period where America was finding its freedom in marital life; the time when couples were not really bound by the oath taken in marriage.

Line-by-line Analysis of ‘A different History’ by Sujata Bhatt

A different History by Sujata Bhatt 1-2-3) The poet addresses the movement of culture across the globe in the very first line, by mentioning the Greek God Pan. She talks about cultures moving with people and lifestyles by implying that the God Pan has not seized to exist but simply moved to India. By saying […]

Line-by-line Analysis of ‘A Birthday’ by Christina Rossetti

A Birthday by Christina Rossetti 1-2) Christina Rossetti celebrates her state of bliss on finding the love of her life – God. The poet is unable to contain her emotions and opens the poem with a simile, comparing her heart (representing emotion) to a singing bird. Rossetti goes on to add that she feels like […]

US policy of containment (The Vietnam war)

US Policy of Containment – How successful Was It In The Vietnam War The 1960s will be best remembered for the anti-war sit-ins and marches organized by the anti-war demonstrators who opposed the Vietnam War that was taking place half a world away. Most ordinary Americans were confused about this war. It was not easy […]

US policy of containment (Cuban missile crisis)

US Policy Of Containment – How Successful Was It In The Cuban Missile Crisis One needs to go back to the period soon after the Second World War to understand the Policy of Containment. Immediately after the World War, large swathes of land came under the influence of either the US or the Soviet Union. […]

Analysis of ‘The Merchant of Venice’

The Merchant of Venice is considered a romantic comedy of William Shakespeare written between 1596 and 1598. Yet because of the powerful speeches and the dramatic appeal it can be considered as one of his more serious plays. Women have been given very strong characters and in this drama they prove to be equal men […]

Analysis of I’m the King of the Castle

Susan Hill has brought the sinister side of children in the novel I am the King of the Castle. It was first published in 1970 and one French film was made with an almost similar theme. Other than this it has not been made into a stage show as it involves a lot of landscaping […]

Analysis of ‘An Inspector calls’

An Inspector Calls is a three act drama set in the world war period and is written by J. B. Priestley. Priestley is an English dramatist who had strong political views. This drama has responsibility as its main theme and gender discrimination to some extent. It examines the human psychology of guilt in different people. […]

Top IBDP Schools in India

Top 10 IBDP Schools In India 1.Sapphire International School Location: Hardag, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India Established: 2005 Accredited: Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and University of Cambridge International Examinations Facilities: State of the art laboratories and libraries, school clubs including Shakespeare club, music club, art club, cookery club, dance club, fitness club, sports facilities, swimming pool, […]

Top Boarding Schools in India

Top 10 Boarding Schools In India 1.Rishi Valley School, Chittoor Location: Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India Established: 1926 Accredited: member of Indian Public School’s Conference Facilities: Simple and well maintained subject rooms, well stocked library, audio visual room, well equipped laboratories, computer room, large staff room, open lounge for visitors. Courses: Entry points are classes […]

Top Universities in India

Top 10 Universities in India 1. The University Of Delhi Location: New Delhi, India Accreditation: NAAC accredited. Facilities: Big libraries, high end and sophisticated instruments for research, huge campus, health centre, post office, bank and examination and administrative blocks, hostel facilities for outstation students and residential quarters for non teaching staff and faculty members. Certificate […]

Personal Project

What Is a Personal Project? In the IB curriculum, the Personal Project is a middle year program. When the student is in the tenth grade, a research project has to be made independently and the endeavour is a creative one. Students get the opportunity to demonstrate their ability and skills which have been studied in […]

France During WWI

After the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815, the era of dictatorship came to an end and the Bourbon monarchy was restored. Though people did not like it, there was stability during this period. In 1848 after another revolution Louis Napoleon, nephew of Napoleon, came back from exile and was elected the as the French President.