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US policy of containment (The Vietnam war)

US Policy of Containment – How successful Was It In The Vietnam War The 1960s will be best remembered for the anti-war sit-ins and marches organized by the anti-war demonstrators who opposed the Vietnam War that was taking place half a world away. Most ordinary Americans were confused about this war. It was not easy… Read More »

US policy of containment (Cuban missile crisis)

US Policy Of Containment – How Successful Was It In The Cuban Missile Crisis One needs to go back to the period soon after the Second World War to understand the Policy of Containment. Immediately after the World War, large swathes of land came under the influence of either the US or the Soviet Union.… Read More »

France During WWI

After the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815, the era of dictatorship came to an end and the Bourbon monarchy was restored. Though people did not like it, there was stability during this period. In 1848 after another revolution Louis Napoleon, nephew of Napoleon, came back from exile and was elected the as the French President.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO NATO is the abbreviated form of North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Canada, Turkey, the United States and many members of the North Atlantic Ocean totalling to 28 countries came into an alliance to form the NATO. When Was NATO Established It was after the Second World War that NATO was established as a part of… Read More »

DISEC – Disarmament and International Security Committee

DISEC A committee was required by the United Nations for resolving a number of security issues and political tensions resulting from the Second World War. When Was DISEC Founded After the World War II, a lot of weapons that were conventional were being used for destruction on a mass scale. The committee initiated as two… Read More »

The United Nations

The United Nations The League of Nations having 58 members was founded in 1919 and was considered an international organization, much before the UN or the United Nations was planned. It was responsible mainly for ensuring cooperation, security and peace between different countries across the world. It was a successful organization. However success of this… Read More »

Gaza Strip politics

The Gaza Strip Politics The Gaza Strip is located on the Mediterranean Sea’s eastern coast. It is an entity that is self governing and borders Israel on the north and east and Egypt on the south-western side. The Hamas have governed the Gaza Strip from the year 2007, de-facto. Hamas is a faction from Palestine… Read More »

Reasons for the hostility between Israel and Palestine

Reasons For Tension Between Israel And Palestine There have been conflicts between the Arabs and Jews for around sixty years, dating back to the year 1948. As of now it is considered that the dehumanization process is over and is mutual distrust. It is the belief of many that relations between Palestinians and Israelis have… Read More »

Herr Otto Von Bismarck

Germany Under Bismarck Herr Otto Von Bismarck was a man with a unique personality and an iron image. In Germany’s unification he was considered as a crucial factor. He had diplomatic skills. He reigned as a chancellor of Germany and Prussia. He was a master where foreign policies were concerned. Bismarck had the ability to… Read More »

Napoleon Bonaparte

France Under Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon is better known as Napoleon I. He was born in 1769 on August 15 in Ajaccio in the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean. He was born to Letiza Roamalino Bonaparte and a lawyer, Carlo Bonaparte. Out of the eight children he was the second child. His parents came from… Read More »

Aurangzeb’s Rule

The Rule Of Emperor Aurangzeb As far as Mughal rule is concerned, many of the Mughal historical characters are seen as enlightened and great leaders while some of them have been considered as tyrants who were rather ruthless. One controversial Mughal ruler is the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir. He ruled the empire for 49 years… Read More »

Russia during WWI

When the world was moving towards industrialisation, Russia was not keeping pace as the rest of the world. The internal politics of Russia was in a crisis as there were many changes happening. It was not just industrial development across the world but new powers centres, new leaders were emerging very fast. Russia was going… Read More »

Ancient Rome and India

Relations between Ancient Rome and India Rome traded with India via Persia and Anatolia. Overland caravans were mainly used for trading spices and incense. Another route for trading via the Red Sea was later used after Augustus conquered Egypt during the period 30BCE and around the initial period of the CE – Common Era. It… Read More »

Germany after World War I

When And Why Was The Weimar Government Set Up In Germany? Setting up of the Weimar Republic in Germany happened in the year 1919. Military autocracy prevailed in Germany’ government before 1914 but parliamentary democracy prevailed after the year 1919. The navy in Germany mutinied in 1918 during the end of October. All throughout Germany,… Read More »

The Peace Treaties after the First World War

What Woodrow Wilson (USA) wanted from Germany after World War I and why? Woodrow Wilson was born in 1856 and died due to a stroke in 1924 during his second term as President of the United States. He was the twenty eighth President of USA and served 2 terms from the year 1913 to 1919.… Read More »

All You Need to Know About World War I

Timeline of World War I What started as a war between two nations after the assassination of Francis Ferdinand, spread across Europe and many other countries. It lasted for four years and was known as the Great War or World War. When another war ensued in 1939, this war was called World War I. 1914… Read More »

Solidarity in Poland

Solidarity in Poland Thirty three years ago, in the year 1980, the workers at Lenin shipyard in Gdansk, Poland struck work under the leadership of an electrician named Lech Walesa, who addressed the masses in his now legendary and historic words: “We are an independent self-governing trade union. We have the right to strike”. Thus,… Read More »

Fall of Communism and the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe

Events that led to the collapse of USSR’s hold on Eastern Europe in the late 20th century. The 20th century saw the rise and subsequent disintegration of a number of world economies, the most important being the dissolution of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics-the USSR.  This officially took place on the 26th of December,… Read More »

Britain during WWI

The Allied Powers won the World War I. The Allied powers were Britain and France, Russia to be joined later by Italy and the USA. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland were made up of England, Wales and Scotland too. The Central Powers were Austria-Hungary, Germany and the Ottoman Empire. The navy of… Read More »