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Defining a Mixed Economy

What Is A Mixed Economy The characteristics of both socialism as well as capitalism are reflected in a mixed economy. In fact it includes both, government and private control. It is also termed as a marriage or a golden path, between socialism and capitalism. There is freedom in the economy along with market regulation by […]


Understanding Capitalism In the modern world one of the biggest tragedies is understanding capitalism in general in America. There was no capitalist system existing in America at the time it was being founded. In USA, development of modern capitalism didn’t take place till the Civil War ended, at the time when the Industrial revolution began […]


Understanding Communism One phrase that is able to crystallize what communism means is, ‘from each according to his ability, to each according to his need’. In a communist system, a classless society is created by abolishing any kind of ownership in private. History Of Communism Basic ideas on communism were embodied in a short book […]

Industrial impacts on the Economy

Impact Of Different Industries On A Nation’s Economy The economy of a nation gets impacted by various kinds of industries. For any economy, the growth of different kinds of industries is very important. If industries grow, then there has to be significant growth in the economy. Some of the industries have had a positive effect […]

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory is an explanation about things that occurred at the time when the universe came into existence. A lot of discoveries have been made in physics and astronomy which indicated that the universe did have a beginning; that is beyond any kind of reasonable doubt. Studies indicate that before the universe came […]

How History and Geography are linked

History and Geography are both fields of study that provide explanations on how human beings have lived on the earth in the past and how they have survived and worked on it. Humans are able to understand how all through the years, land has affected them, through, history and geography subjects. In geography, you get […]