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Personal Project

What Is a Personal Project? In the IB curriculum, the Personal Project is a middle year program. When the student is in the tenth grade, a research project has to be made independently and the endeavour is a creative one. Students get the opportunity to demonstrate their ability and skills which have been studied in… Read More »

Extended Essay

What Is The Extended Essay In IBDP? Students studying at IB schools have to write a paper on a particular topic of interest for the EE or the Extended Essay and the TOK or the Theory of Knowledge to obtain the IB diploma. What Is The Extended Essay In IDBP In a paper of 4000… Read More »

Theory of Knowledge

What Is Theory Of Knowledge? One area that has captured imagination in the area of epistemology is scepticism of the philosophical kind. Besides the question on what exactly knowledge is, the other question is whether people know anything at all. The tradition followed in philosophical study indicates that people do not know anything. In support… Read More »