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A Different History- by Sujata Bhatt

The poetess Sujata Bhatt, while writing this poem has given importance to the culture and various religions in India. She has emphasized in her poem by repeating words and questions and thereby making her poem stronger. She writes about Indian traditions, lost identities, importance of language, cultural difference to create different moods and themes. In… Read More »

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge – William Wordsworth

Summary   The speaker declares the sight in front of him is the most beautiful one on earth. Unless you are a person with no sensitivity, you cannot but be moved by this wonderful vista. This early morning’s beauty is like a vestment that the city drapes itself in. It is early morning and all… Read More »

Summer Farm – Norman McCaig

Summary Summer farm by Norman McCaig is an intensely metaphysical poem. Many of the description are not meant to be taken literally but there are hidden meanings and significance to them. Much of what is in the poem is about himself and his position in the universe. The poet is an intensely contemplative person and… Read More »

The Planners – Boey Kim Cheng

Summary The poem The Planners echoes the sentiments expressed in The City Planners by Margaret Atwood. While Atwood objects to the soulless uniformity, Cheng find the unchecked expansion a source of annoyance. Cheng probably wrote his poem about Singapore, one of the most densely populated cities where every square inch is built up. In the… Read More »

The City Planners – Margaret Atwood

Summary Margaret Atwood finds the identical houses of suburbia offending to the eye. There is nothing to set one house apart from another. The houses look like clones of each other, even the trees are uniform and the roads are so level, they seem to be rebuking the dent on their car. The houses seem… Read More »

The Cockroach – Kevin Halligan

Summary This poem by Kevin Halligan is about the antics of a cockroach that crawls about the flooring in a room. Though on the face of it, the poem describes the aimlessness of the insect, it applies to humans in general and to the narrator in particular. The cockroach, circumspect at first, becomes almost giddy… Read More »

The Woodspurge – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Summary Using simple but forceful language consisting almost entirely of monosyllables, Dante Gabriel Rossetti is able to recreate a moment of intense personal grief and contemplation. Nowhere in the poem is it mentioned why the narrator is grief stricken. He wanders aimlessly, going where the wind leads him. Finally he flops down, it is not… Read More »

A Birthday – Christina Rossetti

Summary   In marked contrast to her other love poems, A Birthday by Christina Rossetti, is an exuberant poem that celebrates a fulfilled love that brings great joy. In a series of brilliant and densely beautiful comparisons, the poet says that her heart is full. It is like a singing bird, an apple bough laden… Read More »