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Top IBDP Schools in India

Top 10 IBDP Schools In India 1.Sapphire International School Location: Hardag, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India Established: 2005 Accredited: Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi and University of Cambridge International Examinations Facilities: State of the art laboratories and libraries, school clubs including Shakespeare club, music club, art club, cookery club, dance club, fitness club, sports facilities, swimming pool,… Read More »

Top Boarding Schools in India

Top 10 Boarding Schools In India 1.Rishi Valley School, Chittoor Location: Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India Established: 1926 Accredited: member of Indian Public School’s Conference Facilities: Simple and well maintained subject rooms, well stocked library, audio visual room, well equipped laboratories, computer room, large staff room, open lounge for visitors. Courses: Entry points are classes… Read More »

Top Universities in India

Top 10 Universities in India 1. The University Of Delhi Location: New Delhi, India Accreditation: NAAC accredited. Facilities: Big libraries, high end and sophisticated instruments for research, huge campus, health centre, post office, bank and examination and administrative blocks, hostel facilities for outstation students and residential quarters for non teaching staff and faculty members. Certificate… Read More »

How counselling helps students

How Does Counselling Help A Student? The experience of taking up studies at the university can be an exciting one. Students get the chance of developing at a personal, social as well as academic level. However, at times personal problems are encountered by students for which the support provided by family, friends and tutors proves… Read More »

Tips for Becoming an Ideal Student

Tips To Be An All-Round Student These days it is not too difficult to find sites that offer the best of tips to become an all-round student. These sites have so much potential that they help in bringing in quick awareness about important and basic things required for helping students to succeed and score high… Read More »

Diet tips for students

The Best Diet Tips For Students The best diet tips for students are quite simple and easy to follow. Students need to know what they should eat. The fact remains that these days there are so many studies and reports on nutrition and diets that it leads to confusion in the minds of students and… Read More »

Time management tools for students

Time Management Tools For Students All students are not the same but are different from each other hence they will need different kinds of tools and techniques to follow for time management. When these tools are available, there is no need for struggling with managing time. • Creation Of A Clock For Time Management Very often… Read More »

Concentration techniques for students

Concentration Techniques For Students To improve brain power and memory a boost a few tips, exercises and concentration techniques need to be used by students. Depending upon the vitality and health of the brain, the student will have a stronger memory. As you age, a lot can be done to enhance mental performance and memory.… Read More »

Organizing your time before the exams

Organizing Your Time Before The Exams If you want to organize your time well before the exams, then this process must start at least three weeks in advance. A calendar program or planner can be prepared for each of the three to four weeks before the final exam. Each of the sheets should be dated… Read More »

Mystery novels for adolescents

5 Mystery Novels For Adolescents 1. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Author: Agatha Christie The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is a story that starts before the murder of Roger Ackroyd and the death of Mrs. Ferrars a prominent woman in town. News of the death is reported to Caroline James Sheppard, the physician. To investigate the… Read More »

10 Reference books for students studying History

Top 10 Reference Books For Students – History – Columbus Writer: Demi The history book is about Christopher Columbus born in 1451. He grew up in northern Italy at Genoa watching ships sailing in the harbor with riches from Belgium, England, Spain and Egypt coming in. He was convinced about gaining wealth for himself as began… Read More »

Educational toys for students

5 Educational Toys For Students One of the best ways to teach students is providing them with educational toys. There is no need to wait for a celebration or event to gift them with such toys. In fact you can purchase them whenever you spot them at the shop so that they can make the… Read More »

10 magazines for students

10 Magazines That Students Should Subscribe 1. Discovery Girls Discovery Girls is a magazine available in 6 issues per year. It is packed with the most appropriate articles on friendship, sports and schools to empower girls. Girls can also find games, quizzes and advice on fashion in each of the issues of the magazine Discovery… Read More »

Ten Best Story Books for Children – 5 to 12

Top10 Books For Children Aged 5-12 One of the most integral parts in the development of the child is being read to by an adult, some of the most interesting books. Children get exposed to various situations, letters, colors, shapes and words, through story books for children. 1.Cookie’s Week Writer: Cindy Ward This is a… Read More »

Ten Best Books for Adolescents – 13 to 18

Top10 Books For Adolescents (13-18) 1. The Boy Who Dared Writer: Susan Campbell Bartoletti This is a fictionalized biography of Helmuth Hubener, a teenager from Germany. He was imprisoned and in 1942 he was executed for openly resisting the Nazis. 2. Twilight (Collector’s Edition) The Twilight Saga Writer: Stephanie Meyer Isabella Swan makes a boring… Read More »

Ten Books for The Little Ones

Top 10 Books For Toddlers (2-6) 1. We’ve All Got Bellybuttons! Writer: By David Martin The book contains actions of little animals and their families which help children understand the various wonderful ways of moving their bodies. Descriptions of how ears can be pulled, hands can be clapped, feet can be kicked like zebras and… Read More »

Ten Best Books for Young Adults

Top10 Books For Young Adults (19-25)   1. The Giver (The Giver, #1) Writer: Lois Lowry In the world which Jonas lives, there are no choices, no pains, no wars, everything is perfect and in control. In the community, all are assigned a role. Jonas is provided training when she turns 12 by The Giver… Read More »

Ten Best Sci-Fi Books for children

Top 10 Sci-Fi Books 1. Man and Machine: ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ Writer: Philip K. Dick This is a post apocalyptic story set in 1992 after the globe has been decimated by the nuclear holocaust and World War Terminus. Animal and plant species are extinct, surviving humans abandon earth to live on Mars… Read More »

Pre-Exam Tips

Before appearing for the exams students will need to keep in mind a few important tips that will prove to be helpful to them. Get Enough Sleep The night before appearing the exam, you need to have adequate sleep of 6 to 7 hours at least. It is normal to feel tensed before the exam,… Read More »

Tips On Argumentative Essay Writing

In argumentative writing, effort is made by the writer to share values, convince the readers, agree with the facts mentioned, adopt the way of thinking and accept the conclusions and arguments mentioned in it. If a few important elements are kept in mind then it is possible to build a good argumentative essay. Establishment And… Read More »