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Extended Essay

What Is The Extended Essay In IBDP? Students studying at IB schools have to write a paper on a particular […]

Theory of Knowledge

What Is Theory Of Knowledge? One area that has captured imagination in the area of epistemology is scepticism of the […]

Fashion Designing Guide

Subjects To Be Chosen By Students Planning On Fashion Designing If you have taken up a career in fashion designing, […]

Chartered Accountancy Guide

Subjects To Be Chosen By Students Planning On CA Many of the students in the commerce stream opt for the […]

MBA – Master in Business Administration

Subjects to Be Chosen By Students Planning On an MBA MBA is the abbreviated form of Master in Business Administration. […]

Cyclones and Tsunamis

Cyclones and Tsunamis At times, winds blow around a central area where the atmospheric pressure is low. This causes revolving […]


Different Types Of Clouds Clouds change continuously. They appear in a huge variety and in infinite forms. The WMO – […]

Weather Stations

What Are Weather Stations It is very helpful to have an update on the weather conditions if you have to […]

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO NATO is the abbreviated form of North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Canada, Turkey, the United States and many members of […]

DISEC – Disarmament and International Security Committee

DISEC A committee was required by the United Nations for resolving a number of security issues and political tensions resulting […]

The United Nations

The United Nations The League of Nations having 58 members was founded in 1919 and was considered an international organization, […]

Defining a Mixed Economy

What Is A Mixed Economy The characteristics of both socialism as well as capitalism are reflected in a mixed economy. […]


Understanding Capitalism In the modern world one of the biggest tragedies is understanding capitalism in general in America. There was […]


Understanding Communism One phrase that is able to crystallize what communism means is, ‘from each according to his ability, to […]

Gaza Strip politics

The Gaza Strip Politics The Gaza Strip is located on the Mediterranean Sea’s eastern coast. It is an entity that […]

Reasons for the hostility between Israel and Palestine

Reasons For Tension Between Israel And Palestine There have been conflicts between the Arabs and Jews for around sixty years, […]

Herr Otto Von Bismarck

Germany Under Bismarck Herr Otto Von Bismarck was a man with a unique personality and an iron image. In Germany’s […]

Napoleon Bonaparte

France Under Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon is better known as Napoleon I. He was born in 1769 on August 15 in […]

Aurangzeb’s Rule

The Rule Of Emperor Aurangzeb As far as Mughal rule is concerned, many of the Mughal historical characters are seen […]

Russia during WWI

When the world was moving towards industrialisation, Russia was not keeping pace as the rest of the world. The internal […]