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Games at Twilight – Anita Desai

Background Anita Desai is an Indian novelist who was born to a German mother and an Indian father. Though she was born in India and spent her early life there, she moved to the US to work and write there. She has travelled extensively and taught creative writing in several colleges. Many of her works […]

An Englishman’s Home – Evelyn Waugh

Author Background Evelyn Waugh is considered to have been one of the best writers of English prose in the twentieth century.  Sharp wit and satirical insight mark most of his writing. He was capable of fictionalizing even the most disturbing events of his life, his mental breakdown, for example. He is best known for his […]

Afghan War (Part I)

Afghanistan has been a geographical area which is marked by strife and struggle in the form of battles, civil wars and terrorism.  Afghanistan was a part of India then and India was ruled by different clans. The Hindu, Sikh and the Afghans has their kingdom spread all over North India and the initial wars were […]

Color of Water – James McBride

James McBride was born to an African-American father and Polish Jew mother. When his father died even before his birth, his mother remarried Hunter Jordan whom James McBride considered his “Daddy”. The atmosphere in the family home was chaotic but very stimulating. Some of the older children were under the influence of the Civil Rights […]

Clover – Dori Sanders

Author Background Dori Sanders was born in 1936 in the peach farm that her school teacher father bought in 1915. He began cultivating peaches on it in 1920, a tradition Dori Sanders follows to this day though she is a bestselling novelist who has won many awards. The heroine of her novel, Clover, also grew […]