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The Third and Final Continent – Jhumpa Lahiri

About the Author Jhumpa Lahiri was born in London to Bengali parents but when she was three, she moved with […]

A Horse and Two Goats – RK Narayan

About the author RK Narayan brought Indian writing in English to western nations. He was helped in the venture by […]

The Destructors – Graham Greene

About the Author The author Graham Greene was born in England in 1904. He was educated in Oxford. While at […]

The Custody of the Pumpkin – P. G. Wodehouse

About the author PG Wodehouse is a British writer who wrote a long series of humorous stories which had characters […]

A Son’s Veto – Thomas Hardy

The Author Thomas Hardy was born in rural England where he spent his early life training as an architect. His […]

Her First Ball – Katherine Mansfield

The Author Katherine Mansfield was born in New Zealand where she lived for the first nineteen years of her life […]

Important Considerations When Analyzing Poetry

If you are new to reading and analyzing poetry, it can be overwhelming especially with poets who use ambiguous imagery […]

Pike – Ted Hughes

Summary The early parts of the poem – stanzas 1 and 2- deals with a physical description of the pike […]

Hunting Snake – Judith Wright

Summary The poet and her companion were walking on a pleasant autumn day when they see a black snake that […]

Horses – Edwin Muir

Summary The poet one evening happens to see farm horses, those powerful shaggy animals working the plough and something jolts […]

Continuum – Allen Curnow

Summary Allen Curnow is a poet from New Zealand who has contributed much to the recognition of poetry from New […]

Pied Beauty – Gerard Manley Hopkins

Summary The poet says in this poem, that we should be thankful to God for all the multi-coloured things that […]

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge – William Wordsworth

Summary   The speaker declares the sight in front of him is the most beautiful one on earth. Unless you […]

Where I Come From – Elizabeth Brewster

Summary Elizabeth Brewster’s Where I Come From talks about the place where she spent some of her life and contrasts […]

Summer Farm – Norman McCaig

Summary Summer farm by Norman McCaig is an intensely metaphysical poem. Many of the description are not meant to be […]

The Planners – Boey Kim Cheng

Summary The poem The Planners echoes the sentiments expressed in The City Planners by Margaret Atwood. While Atwood objects to […]

The City Planners – Margaret Atwood

Summary Margaret Atwood finds the identical houses of suburbia offending to the eye. There is nothing to set one house […]

The Cockroach – Kevin Halligan

Summary This poem by Kevin Halligan is about the antics of a cockroach that crawls about the flooring in a […]

The Woodspurge – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Summary Using simple but forceful language consisting almost entirely of monosyllables, Dante Gabriel Rossetti is able to recreate a moment […]

A Birthday – Christina Rossetti

Summary   In marked contrast to her other love poems, A Birthday by Christina Rossetti, is an exuberant poem that […]