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Ancient Rome and India

Relations between Ancient Rome and India Rome traded with India via Persia and Anatolia. Overland caravans were mainly used for […]

Industrial impacts on the Economy

Impact Of Different Industries On A Nation’s Economy The economy of a nation gets impacted by various kinds of industries. […]

Factors influencing the development of Industries

Factors That Influence The Setting Up Of An Industry Any industry is influenced by a number of factors: • Location […]

Industries and the classification of various Industries

Industries An industry is a particular branch or form of commercial or economic activity. It is mainly related with the […]

How counselling helps students

How Does Counselling Help A Student? The experience of taking up studies at the university can be an exciting one. […]

Germany after World War I

When And Why Was The Weimar Government Set Up In Germany? Setting up of the Weimar Republic in Germany happened […]

The Peace Treaties after the First World War

What Woodrow Wilson (USA) wanted from Germany after World War I and why? Woodrow Wilson was born in 1856 and […]

Aspects of the novel

E. M. Forster who lived for almost a hundred years was an academician and a successful novelist. Few of his […]

Pangaea And Plate Tectonics

According to studies conducted by various scientists across the world, it has been found that there was a supercontinent existing […]

Different Types Of Migration

When people move from one place to another in the world, across countries for the sake of taking a semi […]

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory is an explanation about things that occurred at the time when the universe came into existence. […]

All You Need to Know About World War I

Timeline of World War I What started as a war between two nations after the assassination of Francis Ferdinand, spread […]

Analysis of Waiting For Godot

If there is an absurdity play that has caught the imagination and the admiration of people all over the world […]

Analysis of Othello

Othello is said to be written around 1603 and is based upon an Italian short story translated as ‘A Moorish […]

Analysis of Macbeth

Shakespeare the literary giant of all times wrote his masterpieces with theater in mind. All his plays have become famous […]

Analysis of A Call To Conscience

A Call To Conscience is the compilation of speeches given by Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther King was born […]

Analysis of Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart is an English novel written by a Nigerian, Chinua Achebe. It was published in the year 1958 […]

Analysis of The Sorrow Of War

Many war stories especially the Vietnam War stories have been written but The Sorrow Of War stands apart for many […]

Analysis of The Glass Menagerie

Tennessee Williams is world renowned playwright and a writer whose works have been staged, made into films, televisions serials and […]

Analysis of Tartuffe

Jean –Baptiste Poquelin popularly known as Moliere was a famous comic playwright in France during the seventeenth century. Jean’s father […]