Descriptive Essay

How To Write An Effective Descriptive Essay

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• Skills Required

Writing an effective descriptive essay can be a complicated thing as it requires rich vocabulary and creativity. To get the right details, you will need to indulge in the reading activity, have necessary skills to use antonyms, synonyms, metaphors etc. which can be helpful in making the descriptive essay not only interesting but colorful as well.

• Maintain Your Calm

The first thing to do is to calm yourself well, by resting or eating your favorite ice cream or chocolate and then give a thought on the description of the animal, subject, place, person, event etc. After this you can write the reason of the particular description in consideration. For example while writing about the historical event, it would be reasonable if you share your suggestions and emotions, consequences, losses and achievements of the historical event.

• Brainstorm – Jot Down Ideas

Before making any description on the topic, ensure to write down some ideas on the topic which can help in compiling the description list for each of the words or ideas, jotted down.

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• Explain In Detail

A detailed explanation of the places and characters will need to be provided. The essay will be a success if it is written on the basis of five human senses including sight, tastes, sound, smell and touch. Shapes, texture, light, volume and color are the other items that need to be included in a descriptive essay to be effective. It will give the essay a professional look and quality.

• Use ‘senses’ Around You

You can write about your association with places, people, perfumes, smell, etc that surround the essay’s main character while writing. In a descriptive essay even taste is most welcome as it plays an important role in everyday life. All these details will help in giving a complete image of the topic to the reader. Even if this description is small it helps in giving information in a substantial amount about the topic. Different kinds of moments can be embellished with various ‘senses’.

 Add Feeling

Ensure to provide feeling to the descriptive essay. Don’t forget to add descriptions like human soul, nature, feelings and moral values in the essay. A bit of romantic writing could provide feeling to the essay.

 Evoke A Strong Appreciation And Familiarity Sense

Evoking a strong sense of appreciation and familiarity or creating a clear impression should be one of the main goals while writing a descriptive essay.

• Using A Concise And Clear Language

Words or language should be carefully and vividly chosen so that they are relevant to the description made. For instance, instead of using a common term like ‘cheap’ you can use the word ‘miserly’ instead. The reader is able to form a firmer image of the description or the subject, in his or her mind.

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When feelings or emotions are described, they help in connecting with the reader at a deeper level. To ensure that the descriptive potential is tapped to the fullest, the emotional reservoir can be tapped effectively.

• Logical And Organized Description

It is important to be organized while writing the descriptive essay. While writing it, it is easy to fall into rambling of senses and emotions, in a coherent manner. Hence striving to present a logical and organized description is something you need to strive for so that the reader comes away with a cogent sense of the descriptive essay.

• Online Help

It may not be possible for all students to write the descriptive essay without any difficulty. Help will certainly be required by a lot of students writing such an essay. Many useful sites can be accessed on the internet to write an effective descriptive essay. A few tips can be certainly followed to attain success while writing the descriptive essay.